Coated Fabrics

Oil Booms

EPT XTRM PLY® TPU & EIA Spill Response and Permanent Containment Boom Membranes are constructed with our proprietary polymer formulas internally reinforced with a woven fabric that provides a dimensionally stable product that performs at temperatures from –40° F to 250° F and are resistant to the various petrochemicals and oil dispersant agents. By utilizing TPU and EIA polymer you will experience significant improvements in both durability and redeployment when compared to traditional general-purpose PVC membranes that have a limited performance life.

RV Roofing

RMA XTRM PLY RV roofing membrane has been used in the OEM and Aftermarket to keep interiors of Towable RV's dry. The XTRM PLY membrane is a PVC custom formulated roofing membrane designed to be maintenance free. Specifically for the RV market. Formulated with Dupont KEE, RMA XTRM PLY membrane is both UV and chemically resistant. RMA has leveraged its knowledge that comes from more than 30 years of commercial roofing manufacturing to design and help improve all the components used in a RV roof.


The perfect flooring material when you need something durable but yet asthetically pleasing. Designed for use as a garage floor, but just as equally useful and nice for entrance ways, gym floors, and recreational areas.

RMA XTRM PLY TM flooring comes in 6 colors and 3 different patterns:

  Diamond Plate Honeycomb Geometric
Yellow x x x
Blue x x x
Red x x x
Grey x x x
Black x x x
Tan x x x