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Innovation is not easy. How do you continue to innovate and create new products. At RMA we have we have developed cutting edge innovation over the years in a variety of industries. In the 80′s we  were on the  forefront of utilizing a permanent plasticizer called Elvaloy made from Dupont to create a PVC roofing membrane that was more chemically resistant than any other in the market. Our Elvaloy fleece back product line allowed roofing contractors to bypass roof tear offs and costly waste disposal fees by allowing them to lay our product right over the top of older roofs.

In the late 90′s we created KINON a decorative surface that is now used in high end Hospitality and Commercial buildings to create unique modern looks for interiors.

These products have helped drive the business to where it is  today.

Where will the next product come from and how do we continue to make ourselves relevant in an ever changing business world? That is the question most businesses face.  As a business we have found that it is important to utilize all resources available, including employees, customers, vendors, and believe it or not  your competitors. Innovation is born from people whether our own, our customers, or our vendors.

We have made it a priority as principles and owners at RMA to promote cooperation with our vendors and customers to develop products. Some of our largest vendors happen to be our largest customers. They work with us to develop new products and we work with them to create new business opportunities. This has spurred our sales people to create similar relationships with new customers.

We have new products in our pipeline thanks to these relationships. Some will be coming to market this n 2015 some in 2016.

We welcome cooperation.


Mike Satz



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